Skip with trainer on board

Skip with trainer on board

Skip two blue eyes Skip wanting attention

Trail horse, Pet and Companion

Skip Me to the Top

Horse, Paint, Mare (female) | Bay

APHA# 845923 | DOB: 4/20/2005 (18 yrs)



Bay Tobiano/Overo Mare $3500 OBO

Line bred Skipper W
Could have Top Deck and Poco Pine in pedigree
Two blue eyes

15.3 hds, 1200 pounds, stocky build

Skip has a sweet and laid back disposition. She is easy to handle, trim, ride, feed, and not an alpha. Her only vice is that since she came here, she has gotten buddy sour. With her former owner and three other horses, she didn't bond and was independent. She just needs daily attention and a human to be her leader.

We got her from a friend in TN for a novice family member. The family member has lost interest in riding so we need to find her a home where her talents can be appreciated. We had a trainer come ride and tune her up last year but it wasn't determined until this year that the family member wasn't planning on riding anymore. We have too many horses and are downsizing. She will only go to a good home as I promised my friend if we didn't keep her.

She still has plenty of good years left for riding. She was trail ridden previous to us bringing her here. I recommend a tune up and plan to have our trainer come work with her again. Since we don't know much about her training background except that the Clinton Anderson method was used, we don't recommend her for a novice. An advanced novice to intermediate rider is recommended. We don't know if she is fully desensitized to bicycles, four wheelers, cars, etc. We haven't had her off of the property due to other commitments. She has just been ridden around our farm and has not shown any issues or behavior problems under saddle.

Please contact Ann at 706-867-9073 for more information. We screen prospective buyers for suitability for their safety and the future welfare of Skip. A copy of her pedigree is available upon request.

Transportation is the responsibility of the buyer as is vetting and health certificate for interstate travel. She has a current Coggins which expires October of 2022.

Updated 9/2/2022