Reg. Miniature Horses and Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We have been breeding and raising registered miniature horses since 2002 when we bought our first ones. I have owned big horses all my life, bred, trained, and successfully shown Palomino Quarter Horses. As I got older and the big foals harder for me to handle and train on my own, I decided to switch over to miniatures. My past experience with the big horses helped me to develop an eye for a quality miniature. We started with minis from one of the leading miniature farms in the southeast. We currently have one stallion and seven broodmares most of which are double registered from excellent, proven bloodlines and all have great dispositions. Some are retired show horses, one produced a reserve world champion halter filly who later became a champion driving mare. One is the daughter of a three times top ten driving stallion in the nation in both breed registries. We are proud to announce one of our newest mares is a World Champion from the First Knights Billy Idol bloodline.
Disposition and quality is our goal.

We have been raising goats since 1999 and started with Pygmies. We bought our first purebred Nigerians in 2012 and fell in love with the breed. One doe has had five kids at a time on two occasions and four several years in a row. She was also a sweetheart and although pretty wild when we got her at age four, turned into one of the sweetest of the herd. December 2015 we bought our first two registered Nigerians and in 2016 bought our first double registered Nigerian buck. We are moving towards an all registered herd from top quality milk lines. We increased our herd to a total of 30 but are now reducing the numbers to less than 20. We have phased out the Pygmies and horned goats. We like the colors of the Nigerians, the blue eyes and some are polled. We are also finding more customers are wanting a back yard milk goat. Plus the Nigerians make excellent pets and are very kind. We treat all of our goats as pets.

Top Quality AMHA/AMHR Miniature Horses. Purebred and registered Nigerian Dwarf goats

Dream's Cremello colt blue eyes

HORSES -We had four mares to foal in May and early July of 2023. We had three fillies and one colt this year. All were double registered and will mature in height from 30" to 34". One filly has been sold to a show home in south Florida and she is out of a halter champion. We screen potential new homes and they will all go to excellent homes. Please check out our show quality, therapy and service potential foals at reasonable prices. You can email or call for more detailed information. We have mostly double registered, retired champion show mares or mares by champion stallions or who have produced champions and who have top bloodlines. Our 30" stallion has produced quality offspring that are currently serving as therapy and service horses as well as family pets and some foals are planned to be shown. Not only will you have a miniature horse with a fabulous temperament but also one of beauty and correct conformation you will be proud to show and share with family and friends. We breed for quality horses at affordable prices. We enjoy sharing our horses and making wonderful new friends to add to our extended horse family. We also mentor those new to horses as well as experienced horse owners new to minis.

GOATS - We had twenty nine kids in 2022. All have been sold to our waiting list and to other buyers. We have bred three purebred does for September, 2023, kids For now we have no more adult does to sell. However, we can add you to our waiting list for fall of 2023 or spring of 2024 if you will email to let us know. We are breeding our herd from September through October, 2023, for February and March, 2024, babies and expect at least twenty four kids to be born.

Our herd are all purebred and/or registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy breed. See a sampling of the kids in the photos. We expect most will have blue eyes and a few may be polled. The rest are disbudded. Our herd sire, who is black with white splashes and brown moon spots plus blue eyes, is ADGA and AGS registered from champion milk lines and will have more kids this year subject to registry. There will also be purebred kids from top bloodlines that will come with no registration. The photos show a sampling of colors. Most are variations of buckskin, blond and tri-color. Our herd has been previously tested for all diseases and had a clean bill of health.

Our 2023 prices started at $200 for wethers, $300 for purebred unregistered bucklings to $350 for registered herd sire potentials, $400 for doelings and to $500 for registered doelings. We add $25 to the above prices for any with blue eyes. Pricing is subject to change depending on the market and may be adjusted in 2024. We will be happy to add your name and contact information to our waiting list for next spring.

Please feel free to contact us for more information via email or landline only (No Text). Thanks for checking us out.

We are taking deposits of 50% down to hold the baby of your choice. Cash, check, PayPal and Zelle is accepted. We prefer cash for the balance when the foals are ready to leave at four or five months or goat kids are ready to leave at 8 weeks. Transport of foals or goats and any vetting required is also at the expense of the buyer. Deposits are generally non refundable