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Ashley silver filly

Ashley silver filly

Silver filly Silver filly Ashley silver filly

Outstanding therapy potential

Unnamed silver filly

Miniature Horse, Filly (female) | Silver Dapple

AMHA# pending, AMHR# pending | DOB: 5/1/2021 (1 yr)



Our special delivery came on May 1 and has yet to be named. Her dam is a silver buckskin and 31.5” tall. Her dam's bloodlines are NFC and Flying W Farms with Komoko on her topside. This little filly will most likely shed out to be a silver dapple with a white mane and tail and a dark colored body and will be double registered. She is already promised to her new home in California where she will join her half sister in doing therapy work. This little filly loves people, is very outgoing, bold and fearless. She is also very independent of her dam. Her sire is our Egyptian King bloodline stallion. She is a very special little horse standing 20” at birth and will likely only mature to 30” if that. She is very endearing and loving. You can enjoy her adventures at her new home in Murietta, CA, at Seahorse Castle. You can follow her and Sundancer on Facebook at Animals of Seahorse Castle. She will probably be leaving on her new life adventure in September or October.

Updated 6/4/2021